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Enrolling in PACE of Northeast Indiana is an easy 4-Step Process:

Our Enrollment Specialist and Home Assessment Coordinator will conduct an in-home visit. During this visit, our team will gather the following information:

  • Personal Information (Name, Birthdate, etc.)

  • Insurance information

    • Medicare & Medicaid Eligibility Status

  • Family Contact Information

  • Medical Information

  • Conduct Indiana Nursing Home Placement Assessment

If you have not done so already – visit our PACE day center! You and your family will be invited to tour our PACE of Northeast Indiana day center. You will visit with our IDTeam and undergo individualized assessments. After the assessments are complete, you will become acquainted with the PACE center and other enrolled participants.

The third step includes creating your Individualized Care Plan. The IDTeam gathers all information during the enrollment process and meets to create a care plan. Once the care plan is finalized, the Enrollment Specialist brings the care plan and enrollment packet to your home for review.

If you meet the eligibility requirements and decide you would like to enroll and begin the care plan, the enrollment agreement is signed. The agreement includes information about the participant, description of benefits, explanation of policies, etc.

The last step in PACE enrollment is to receive final approval. PACE of Northeast Indiana has promised to serve only people who need long-term care; therefore, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) office must agree that your health situation makes it necessary for you to have the kind of care we provide. Aging & In-Home Services, as your local Area Agency on Aging, will review the records written by PACE of Northeast Indiana to determine if you are eligible for our care.

New PACE participants begin services on the first of the month. PACE enrollment continues as long as desired by the participant, regardless of change in health status. PACE premiums depend on an individual’s Medicare and Medicaid eligibility.

Page Edits Made: 03/05/2021

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