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PACE Clinical Care includes both Medical and Wellness Strategies

Our IDTeam (Interdisciplinary Team) creates a care plan with and for you (and your family caregiver, if present) to ensure all your goals are being met.


Your Clinical Care is provided at the Medical Clinic at the PACE Day Center or by specialty providers determined necessary by the IDTeam.


Below you will find some services that are available to PACE Participants:




Emergency, Hospital & Nursing Home

Care when needed

Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

Prescription Drugs

Medical Specialists

Skilled Home Health Care

Primary Medical Care

Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy

Vision, Dental & Hearing Services

Medication Management

Recreational Therapy

Homemaker & Personal Care


Nutritious Meals & Snacks

*All services are received as determined necessary by your IDTeam.

Page Edits Made: 03/05/2021

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